Turkey Day

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay tuned, there are going to be a lot of changes over the next few days. In the meantime, have a great holiday and safe travels.

Enjoy the Colors of Autumn

This is my favorite time of year, there is just seems to be something magical about autumn. This is also the best month of the year magic. The last month of October is always national magic week in honor of one of magic's greatest magicians, Houdini. Harry Houdini died 74 years ago but he is still the most well known magician of all time. To celebrate, we have a several featured items in honor of the great magician.

Have a happy an safe Halloween.


Back to School

It's back to school time and I hope everyone had a great summer! As we get closer to Autumn and the cooler weather I always think of magic. I usually switch my magic that I carry in pocket around this time so if I see a familiar face I can show them some new. Until next time.


A New Year for Magic

Happy New Year! The new year means a time of year where you can learn something new to share. Magic is the perfect hobby. Have fun and amaze your family and friends with easy to learn magic. Need some ideas, search for magic by age and see what we recommend. Have a great new years!

- Melvin

Shipping your order in time for Christmas

You can still give the gift of magic for this holiday season. Place you order before December 20th and it will be shipped within 24 hours!

Have a safe and happy holidays!

- Melvin

A Time of Thanks

This is the time of year we make plans to see our family and friends and give thanks for what we have. Here at Melvin's I thank all of you for patronage over the years. This year plan to pack a few magic effects to share with your loved ones...who knows the turkey might not be ready and you could save the day by performing a short magic show. Need ideas, browse the site and watch the videos. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

- Melvin

Happy Halloween

It seems that summer just flew by and now Autumn has arrived. It's my favorite time of year, the weather is cooler, the trees show their true colors, and October also has national magic week on the fourth week of the month. Have a safe and Happy Halloween! Remember it's TRICK or treat, so show some magic too.

- Melvin

Summer's Almost Here.

This year has been flying by and as get closer to summer magic is one of the best summer past times. We've got some great new magic and classic favorites. Be sure to check out the magicians on America's Got Talent, last season Mike Grasso made it to the top four! Check your local listings for day and time.

- Melvin

Welcome 2011

Happy New Year! According to the Chinese calendar, this is the year of the rabbit. It doesn't get more magical than that. That makes this year great time to learn a new magic trick and entertain your friends and family. Be sure to check out the videos by clicking on the link above. Let Melvin's Magic Shop be your provider of great magic!

- Melvin

Tis the Season for Some Magic

Seasons Greetings everyone! Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season. To kick off the holidays we are offering great specials for Cyber Monday and every week in December. Every week be sure to visit the home page of Melvin?s Magic Shop to see great featured magic and great prices too. Let Melvin?s be your number one source for magic this holiday season.


Spring Flowers

If the old saying is true, April showers bring May flowers then time to stock up on some spring flowers. The glitter ones are really sparkle when the light hits them. I hope your Spring is going well. It has been pretty busy here. For those of you in the Capital Region, there will be a GREAT magic lecture on Tuesday May 11th, for more details visit www.sam24.org and look at the "newsletters" for May 2010.

Until next time - Melvin

April Fool's Day

Although the origin of April Fools Day is unclear, it has become a tradition all across the world. Everything from telling a riddle to pulling a prank. We just sold a record breaking number of hand buzzers the past week, so I'm guessing people have geared up for the holiday. Have a GREAT April Fool's Day. Until next time.


March Madness is HERE

Let the savings begin! March Madness has begun here at Melvin's and people are already starting to take advantage of the deals. You will notice that everything is on sale, nothing held back including the Flying Carpet to the left under the Featured Items. Go ahead...shop around...NO ONE sells these things for less than $400.00! So many great deals to find, plus everyday new items will be added, so visit us often.


Is it Spring Yet?

The weather here has been beautiful the last week and even with some rain in the forecast, I can't wait for spring. There is a lot going on here too, I hope everyone out there is well. So how is your magic going??? Do you need a magic fix??? I have surprise coming out in the next week I think will you will love! Be watching your e-mail for the note. If you don't receive our e-mails, be sure to join the e-mail list, just fill your e-mail address in the link above, I will only be sending this special out to everyone on the e-mail list! Until next time.


Happy New Years

Well friends 2010 has arrived and we are happy to see it! Everyone here at Melvin?s Magic Shop had a great holiday season. And what better way to bring in the New Year than with some magic. We have a big inventory of the best magic, and we will ship it out as fast as we can wave the shipping wand. Remember, you can search for items by age too. Need help or suggestions, e-mail us, we would love to hear form you. Until next time.



Black Friday is over and Cyber Monday is here! We are going to offer specials everyday this week. Plus as an added bonus, a new feature here on Melvin's Magic Shop web site is that all featured items will now be at special prices. We have new items coming weekly now so visit us often. As always you get a free magic trick with every order!


Autumn is here

Autumn is my favorite time of year. It cools down here in the Northeast and I love to do card magic for friends and family. It's an intimate moment of magic to share with small groups gathered around you. I put two of my favorite cards kits in the featured section so check them out. The bigger one is real nice as you can keep it on the book shelf so it looks like an old book when your not using it. I like old stuff so this one is a real winner to me. Have a great and SAFE Halloween!


P.S. I will be accepting any extra candy you get from Halloween you don't want!!!

New DVDs are Coming!

It's very exciting time here at Melvin's Magic Shop as the summer comes to an end and my favorite time of year is right around the corner, Autumn. We have several new DVD?s coming out and they should be up available by next week. I get a lot of requests for money, coin, paper, rope, and more card tricks. So next week check them out. I hope you had a GREAT summer and I look forward to hearing from you.


A Milestone for Melvin

Well friends, today, Thursday August 6, 2009, marks twenty years of performing magic. Some of the magic I performed at that show is still in my show today, What's Next and Professors Nightmare are great effects and can play for stage or someone's backyard.

New magic is coming to the Melvin's Magic Shop, so keep your eyes open and visit us again soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer and see you soon.


Magic this Summer!

Welcome to all of new friends that have shopped in our Lake George store while on vacation. Welcome back to our old friends too. If you have not been to the shop this year, now is the perfect time. The rain has faded away and the temperature feels like summer. We have all kinds of new items coming in every week. Blaise, Bryan, Chris, Mark, and Melvin are ready to show you magic anytime you want to visit.

It's summer time and this is a great time to do some magic at BBQ's, picnic's and parties. We have some great new magic and DVD's just in time for you to dazzle your friends, family, and maybe impress that special someone.

Remember, we open daily at 10:00am. See you in Lake George!


Summer is Here!

Memorial Day weekend was busy in Lake George, and I would like to welcome our new friends to Melvin's website. New videos have been shot and are currently in the final stages of production. Now Americade begins June 1st and we will be open all week, so stop by and see the new magic. We have some great new pieces you will certainly enjoy. After Americade, it will just be weekends until the end of June. Enjoy the weather and safe travels!


Remember Travis?

My good friend Travis came to visit us from his home in Boston. If you ever came to visit the magic shop when it first opened in Clifton Park, Travis helped us get started. We spent the weekend filming new magic which should be showing up on the website over the next couple of weeks.

Are there any effects you want to see? E-mail us, we want to know. Our Lake George store will be opening soon. Check back for more details. We will have a lot of new magic this year, so be the first to see it.


Direct from England

Mark Mason from England is coming to the area for a one night lecture. Mark has been booked both by private and corporate clients to perform in 20 countries with over 100 appearances throughout the USA alone. Mark has performed both for and along side many of the world's leading celebrities and has even had the honor of performing before royalty. Mark has been a full time professional magician for over 15 years and has performed his unique brand of magic at every type of event imaginable, from small select celebrity parties to the Las Vegas Strip. With his silky skills and fast wit he has rapidly become one of the most sought after magicians in the corporate world. I will have more details within the week. The date is set on Monday April 20th at about 7:00 or 7:30pm tentatively. The fee will be $20.00.

Here is your chance to weigh in! We are going to start recording more videos soon and we thought you might like to pick what tricks we video. Please e-mail us your thoughts by March 24th.


A Great Cause!

Be watching your mailbox, in a few days your next installment of Magic Update will be sent. As always it will be full of interesting magic trivia and new stuff too. Do you have any suggestions for what we should include in Magic Update. If you do, e-mail us with your ideas.

Melvin will be performing at Spare Time Bowling Alley in South Glens Falls on Saturday March 21st. This is a fund raiser for a little two year old girl battling cancer. Bring the whole family for bowling, ice cream, and of course Magic! The show will begin at 1:15pm.

More Videos

We have been very busy filming some of the best magic around, and we have added many new videos to our site. They are easy to find, just click on the "Videos" link on the top of the page or browse through the site and look for the video icon next to the title of each item. We will be adding more videos over the next several months in addition to adding new items weekly. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please drop us an e-mail, we would love to hear your thoughts.


Magic on TV

Magic is big right now and "My 4" on Albany's Time Warner Cable has been broadcasting "Masters of Illusion" on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. If you missed the first four episodes, they will re-broadcast them in February, and they will begin new episodes in March. They created a total of thirteen episodes with new magic in each. As for our website, keep checking back as we are making more improvements and offering new items as special prices.

Thank you for everyone who joined us for our farewell party on Sunday. We look forward to see you all again at the grand re-opening this May in Lake George at Melvin's Magic Shop. Keep the magic alive in your life and don't forget to share it others.

Sunday January 25th Party

This Sunday will be our last day in Clifton Park, so we have decided to make it a fun day. We will be open from 11am to 5pm and from 2-4pm we will have cake, prizes, and Hocus Pocus the magic bunny. Be sure to bring your camera and have your picture taken with Hocus Pocus and Melvin. The prizes also start at 2:00pm with the first being a cups and balls set and a cups and balls DVD. At 3:00pm we will be giving away our new pen through dollar bill, and finally the third prize will be the new change cap at 4:00pm. Join us for food, fun, and Hocus Pocus on Sunday. See you there!

We Have A Winner

A big congratulations goes out to Mike Hendricks of Petersburg for winning the Spider Pen Package worth more than $83.00. The package included one Mesika Spider Pen, one of the finest invisible thread reels made, a spare spool of thread, and spare batteries. I love my Spider Pen and I hope you will too Mike. Because of the success of this promotion, be watching your e-mail to see what we will be giving away this weekend!

News about our Clifton Park Store

Last week my friend Michael from Guilderland suggested that I update the news on the web site. Well Mike you are right, so here we go. As many of you know our Clifton Park store is closing. This was not an easy decision for us to make, but a necessary one. We have made many new friends and shared some really great magic at our store. We appreciate all of the excitement that you have all shown in magic, and all of the support that you have given to us, and to your loved ones who are interested in magic. Magic is an art that needs to be cultivated, and we will continue to help you cultivate it in any way that we can.

We will still maintain our website with regular updates and new items added often, and we will be opening our Lake George store this May. We will stay in touch with monthly e-mails and updates to the news section of the website. Due to the rising cost of mailers, we will no longer be sending out mail through the U.S. Postal service, so join the e-mail list today at the link above.

Here are new hours for our Clifton Park store through the end of January. We will be open regular mall hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday January 16-18 and 23-25. Everything is on sale from 25% to 80% off, in store only. New Items are still coming in as we are still adding inventory to our web store. Call or e-mail us if you have any questions. See you soon!

Wand of the Week

Each week in our Clifton Park Store, between now and Christmas, we will be featuring one of our Alivan's hand carved wands on sale for 40% off. The featured wand will change each week, so stop by and see if your favorite is on sale!!

Melvin's Lecture Series Proudly Presents EvilDan

Appearing Live on Thursday October 23rd at 7:00 pm at our Clifton Park Store! EVILDAN has been involved in magic since the age of thirteen and for the past thirteen years has been heavily involved in bizarre magick and seance work. As one third of the NJ based group Trinity, he is co-creator of "The Cross Creek Graveyard Seance," "Candlelight Theatre," and "An Evening of Urban Legends and Haunted Artifacts." He is a member of the Inner Circle of Bizarre Magick, a secret magic society based in England that must remain nameless, and The Psychic Entertainers Association.

EvilDan will be sharing routines straight out of his repertoire. These are pieces that have been performed extensively for the public. These are bizarre and seance routines designed for the real world, not just your magic club cronies. Come see what bizarre magick is all about? from and "EvilDan" point of view.

For more information call (518) 383-4150. Seating is limited. Tickets are $20.00 per person. We are located in Clifton Park Center Mall, 22 Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065. Right off of Exit 9 of the Northway.

Melvin's Anniversary!

Our Clifton Park store just celebrated its one year anniversary in Clifton Park Center. Melvin performed two free magic shows, and launched his lecture series with two lectures by magicians John Hoffman and Larry Barnowsky.

Our next lecture will be on October 23rd, presented by Evil Dan. The topic of Evil Dan's lecture will be bizarre magic. This bizarre magic is like the street magic performed by Criss Angel. Stay tuned for more information on this lecture.

September 15th also began the newest session of magic classes at Melvin's School of Magic and Mystery in our Clifton Park Store. Melvin will be teaching students from first grade through adult during this session.