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Svengali Deck - Bicycle $12,99
Dazzle your friends with this amazing trick that will make them think that they have been hypnotized.
The Invisible Deck - Bicycle $12,99
Amazing trick where the spectators selected card is the only one that is face down in the deck, every time!
Chick Pan $34,99
Make small items appear with this amazing effect. Great for making cupcakes appear at Birthday parties!
Dove Pan $44,99
Make items appear with this amazing effect. Great for making a Glitter Spring Flowers Appear!
Color Changing Ball to Square $6,49
Have your spectators guess where the red ball is, only to confuse them at the end with an unexpected twist!
Needle Through Deck - Bicycle $27,99
A 6 inch needle and thread go through the center of a Bicycle Card Deck and Box, yet the cards are unharmed.
Melvin's Balloon Kit $29,99
Melvin has created a GREAT beginner balloon making kit that will teach you step by step how to create amazing animals.
Magic Coloring Book $9,99
Classic Effect where the pages of the Coloring Book go from Blank, to Black and White, to Color.
Zombie - Large Chrome $29,99
Here is a classic illusion where a silver spherel floats before the audience's eyes.
Clear Hot Rod $4,99
Show your friends a stick with 6 different color dots on both sides, and change it to six dots of the same color on both sides.
Chinese Sticks - Small $9,99
Two magic wands with a tassel string. Pull down on one string and the string in the other wand goes up.
Levitating Vase $2,49
Anyone can try to make the vase float from the rope, but only the magician can actually make it happen!
TV Card Frame $44,99
This is an amazing card revelation. Pre Orders are now being taken; they will ship the second week of February 2009 on a first come first serve. Check out the video!
Quarter Squeeze $24,99
4 Quarters pass through a blocked tube, one at a time.
Goshman 1.5 Inch Spongeballs $5,99
Set of 4 Spongeballs, great for close up magic, countless tricks can be done with Spongeballs.
Sparkin Ring $9,99
The Sparkin Ring also known as the Funken Ring shoots out a stream of sparks! Limited time price.
Appearing Cane $29,99
This cane opens up to 40 inches before your audiences very eyes. Classic Fantasio Effect.
Professor's Nightmare $7,99
The magician astounds his audience by taking 3 ropes of varying lengths and transforming them all to be the same length.
Nickels to Dimes $6,99
Classic magic trick, one of our staff favorites. Amaze everyone you know by changing four nickels into four dimes before their very eyes.
Scotch and Soda - English Penny $24,99
Great bar trick! Place a half dollar and a English Penny in a spectator's hand and make one of the coins disappear before they open their hand.
Brass Disc Escape $24,99
Have a spectator select a color disc, place all five discs inside the brass tube, put the needle and thread through the tube.
Magical Block $4,99
Wave the magical block over the penny, tap the penny and it changes into a dime. Classic Magic Trick.
Pom Pom Stick $39,99
Fun Routine where the magician shows that all the pom poms are connected to each other by pulling on one and having the other go back inside the stick.
Stiff Rope $7,99
Hypnotize a rope to stand up at a diagonal or straight out in front of you.
Color Divination Rods $19,99
Signature Trick of Melvin's Magnificent Magic Shop - Our staff favorite!!!
E-Z Rising Wand $4,99
The magician can make the wand rise slowly up out of his/her hand, or can make it jump way up into the air.
Spiked Coin $3,99
Amaze your audience by passing 8 spikes directly through the coin without harming it.
The Stripper Deck - Bicycle Cards $12,99
Poker sized Bicycle cards. One of the most versatile gimmick card decks.
The Brainwave Deck - Bicycle Cards $12,99
Have a spectator name a card, and when you pull the card deck from the box you reveal that their card is the only card that is face up in the deck, and also the only one with a different color back.
Coin Slide $3,99
Classic Magic trick, I'll bet you had one when you were a kid. Make a coin disappear and reappear with this trick.
Cups and Balls - Aluminum $27.99
Now: $19,99
One of the oldest magic effects and one of the BEST! Set of 3 Aluminum Cups and Balls.
Dime and Penny $9.99
Now: $9,39
There are many different creative ways to do this trick. Place a dime and a penny in someone's hand, have them make a fist, and then magically make one of the coins disappear and reappear somewhere else.
Floating Match or Toothpick $2,49
The Magician places a matchstick or toothpick across the card, the object then rises and floats about an inch above the card.
Triumph Deck with DVD - Bicycle $19.99
Now: $16,99
The Magician fans out a deck of cards, some are face up and some are face down. A spectator or two choose face up cards, flips them over and places them face down in the deck. After a few quick shuffles the magician reveals that the spectators cards are face up!
Color Monte $7,99
Fun Routine with a surprising twist - Keep your spectators guessing which color card is in your hand!
Cups and Balls $9,99
Plastic cups and balls, with a shiny chrome finish that makes them look metal. Set of 3 Cups.
Zig Zag Card $4,99
Place the whole card inside the case, slide it, and it splits into three pieces, slide the card back and remove it whole and unharmed from the case.
The Split Deck - Bicycle $16,99
Deck of cards sliced neatly in half. Fan the cards out to show they are all different, and then have two spectators each choose a card from the two different piles
Color Changing Chips $19,99
Two black and white chips are shown. Move the chips over each other once, they turn blue and green, and again they turn yellow and red.
Patriotic Ropes $6,99
Uncle Sam will have fun watching you do some red, white, and blue magic.
Pom Pom Pole - Wood $44,99
The Pom Pom Pole is a great magical effect that has been transformed in to this beautifully crafted piece of apparatus from Japan.
What's Next $29,99
Here is an effect that I have used in every performance for the past twenty years. Audiences of all ages will love this one. They think you are going to break the code of magic and reveal ones magic?s best secrets only to find the trick is on really on them.
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